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A bottle of McDonald’s’ Rick And Morty Szechuan sauce just sold for $15,000

(Photo: Adult Swim)

It feels like the internet’s current obsession with McDonald’s’ discontinued Szechuan dipping sauce—inspired and fueled by its prominence in a recent episode of Rick And Morty—should be spinning down by now. (It’s usually a pretty good sign that a meme is hitting the end of its shelf-life when the big corporations start playing along, and the burger chain went all-out in its efforts, concocting a new batch of the stuff and sending it to series creator Justin Roiland late last month.) And yet, the online hunger for the stuff continues, as another online auction for the condiment has just finished, with a jug of the stuff going for more than $15,000.

Admittedly, this batch at least has a fairly impressive pedigree; besides gifting a container to Roiland—claiming it’s from a mysterious dimension where it’s always 1998—McDonald’s also sent packages out to three Rick And Morty fans. One of them, writer Robert Workman, decided he’d rather pass his bottle on to someone else, rather than just, like, chug it, so he put it up for auction.


Workman says he intends to donate at least 20 percent of the proceeds of the sale to charity; meanwhile, one of the other recipients is selling their own half-empty bottle on the auction site, presumably because they realize the clock’s ticking on how long people will be willing to shell out a year’s rent for a jug of fast food promo-goo.

[via io9]

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