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Screenshot: Nerd Odyssey (YouTube)

Back in August, Keaton Patti gifted the world one of Batman’s most gripping tales of crime-fighting to date. Taking inspiration from the now very familiar genre of “I trained a bot to write this” tweets, Patti’s story distills the essence of the beloved superhero into a rollicking adventure filled with “goth ham,” bat puns, and a showdown with Batman’s “clownly” nemesis.


Brief as it is, Patti’s take on Batman has resonated. Captivated by the drama of its story—and the emotional heft of the Joker’s final, parent-denying coupon trick—it’s been adapted across all forms of media. Soon after publication, Justin Davis turned the story into something like a radio play, adding verbal gravitas (and some honestly very solid character voices) to the original words.

Understanding that this battle between “moral enemies” deserves to be rendered in proper comic book style, Matt Shults took the whole thing even further by creating an exceptional, hand-drawn adaptation. The whole thing is great, but Shults’ drawings of poor Alfred, flipped “like a coin” by Two-Face in one panel and preparing to “give birth to Robin” in another, are a real highlight.


The latest take on Patti’s script goes furthest of all by rendering it as a short cartoon. At last, thanks to Skyler Foxx and Nerd Odyssey, the gripping fight is available in full audiovisual glory.

Where Patti’s story goes from here is anybody’s guess, but, given its popularity, we imagine it won’t be long before its story arc is used as the basis for new Batman video games and its memorable props turned into stuff like novelty cups filled with bats, sold in stores across the world.


Oh wait...it’s already begun.


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