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A bookstore is tweeting all of Harry Potter to Piers Morgan to piss him off

Piers Morgan (Photo: Dipasupil/Getty Images) and J.K. Rowling (Photo: Mike Marsland/Getty Images)

If you’re one of the nearly 10 million people who follow J.K. Rowling on Twitter, you may have noticed her absolutely burning Piers Morgan lately. It started on Saturday, when Rowling retweeted a clip from Real Time With Bill Maher where Jim Jefferies, an Australian stand-up comic and writer, tells Morgan to fuck off.


Rowling didn’t @ Morgan, but he saw it anyway, and since then the two have been lobbying sharply worded tweets back and forth. And look, Rowling is the most famous author in the world for a reason. Even condensed down to 180 characters, she kills it.

Fans of both Rowling and Morgan have taken notice, and celebrities have weighed in. But the best party to get in on the action is the Big Green Bookshop, a bookstore in the Wood Green area of London. Big Green is tweeting Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone to Morgan, one tweet-length chunk of copy at a time. It’s pretty funny.


Right now Big Green is sending a tweet about once per minute, with an accompanying number out of a total of 32,567. Hopefully the bookstore did the math and that’s correct (it seems right, anyway).

Morgan doesn’t like it, obviously.


We’re not sure what that means, or why “twat” is in scare quotes on first reference and not on the second.

As of this writing, Big Green is just finishing chapter one, on tweet 273 out of 32,567.


Rowling has been outspoken in her opposition to Trump, whom Morgan proudly supports.


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