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Eric Andre announced the renewal of The Eric Andre Show on last night’s episode of Conan, bursting from a piñata bloodied and mostly naked, except for some strategically placed candy and a pair of tighty-whities. The third season, which finished its short run in January of this year, was more anarchic and fun than ever; an episode hosted by Hannibal Buress deserves special attention. With this renewal, Andre will hopefully fulfill the fantasy he detailed for us in an interview last year: “This is my dream: I did Katt Williams for season three. For season four I want to lose a ton of weight. I want to look like Christian Bale inThe Machinist, and get my hair like Basquiat, so I’m just this emaciated weirdo.” There’s no word on when the show will return, but in the meantime you can see Andre as part of The A.V. Club’s second annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival in Chicago next month. All the details for that massive event—including appearances by Weird Al Yankovic, Kyle Kinane, a panel of Simpsons writers, and much more—can be found right here. And below, you can watch the bloodied, mostly naked Eric Andre.


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