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A blind Jedi learns the importance of a lightsaber in this Star Wars fan film


Lightsabers always seem to be taken for granted in the Star Wars movies. The old books and comics and whatnot went into detail about how they’re built and where their various pieces come from, but the characters in the movies always seem to get them as gifts or build them off-screen. Hoshino, a new Star Wars fan film by Stephen Vitale and Eric Carrasco, is all about lightsabers. Well, it’s technically about a blind Jedi named Ko Hoshino and how she lost her eyesight, but that elegant weapon for a more civilized age still drives all of the action in one way or another.

Even outside of the plot, Hoshino is a pretty well-made Star Wars story. The effects are all solid, the lightsaber fighting is choreographed nicely, and the acting is probably better than some of the stupider Star Wars movies.

The filmmakers behind Hoshino have also released a little making-of video that shows how this cool thing came together:

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