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A black-and-white version of Logan is coming to the Alamo Drafthouse, Blu-ray

Photo: Ben Rothstein-© 2017 Marvel. TM and © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox

James Mangold’s Wolverine movie Logan was widely-praised for being more violent and artistic than the average superhero movie; our own A.A. Dowd wrote that it “elevates the genre past spectacle and on to something resembling art, even poetry. It’s adult in more ways than one.” Mangold has been teasing a black-and-white version of the film for some time now, and today the Alamo Drafthouse announced that it will be screening what it’s calling Logan Noir come May 16. The showings will happen at 8 p.m. local time at Drafthouse locations across the country, followed by a live-streamed Q&A with Mangold. (The Los Angeles showing will happen at the Egyptian Theatre.)

“During production of Logan, I took many black and white photographs and noticed how striking and dramatic our gritty settings and characters appeared in monochrome,” Mangold says in a statement. “The western and noir vibes of the film seemed to shine in the format, and there was not a trace of modern comic-hero movie sheen. Then, while editing, Fox and I started posting some of the black-and-white stills online and fans also began to respond enthusiastically, many hoping that they would get a chance to see the finished film in carefully timed, high contrast black and white. Well. Sometimes hope becomes reality.”


If you aren’t able to make it to a Drafthouse, the 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray editions of the movie will also feature Logan Noir, according to 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter notes that the Blu-Ray specifically for Walmart will come equipped with a bunch of Wolverine posters, for whatever Hugh Jackman shrine you may have.

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