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As part of an ongoing feature called “Super,” in which Complex sits down with rappers and asks them about what they’d be like as superheroes, A$AP Rocky revealed that his ideal hero is sort of a benevolent take on an iconically cruel villain. Rocky says his superhero name would be The Joker, and before anyone suggests that it’s merely a coincidence that there’s already a comic book character who goes by that name, Rocky adds that his Joker would also be decked out in purple-and-green suits. He’d also live in a house a lot like Rocky’s actual house, but it’d be full of cool/wacky stuff that you’d expect The Joker to have, and he’d complete the image by driving a green Rolls-Royce.

The superpowers that Rocky would want are what differentiate him from the comic book villain he’s named after, though. Complex apparently said he could pick three powers, and he chose to use them to resurrect his father, brother, and Steven “A$AP Yams” Rodriguez, who died earlier this year from a drug overdose. So, in other words, he’d be like the classic Joker we all know and love, but instead of dumping poison into reservoirs he’d just spend more time with his family and friends. It’s not a traditional superhero power, but we’re not going to fault him for it.


You can see a video of Rocky talking about this below.

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