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A 9-year-old singing “This Is Hardcore” won the Jarvis Cocker-judged Pulp karaoke contest

The much-ballyhooed Jarvis Cocker-judged Pulp karaoke contest was held last night in New York, and the winner was a 9-goddamn-years-old. Graham Johnson pulled down the win with his stunning and/or alarming performance of “This Is Hardcore,” a song that’s fairly suggestive for such a little guy.

Still, as you’ll see in the video over on Buzzfeed, Johnson really brought it with the Cocker-esque dance moves and vocals, even as some of the people in the audience loudly declare the whole thing a “nightmare.” Even Cocker found it a little off-putting, declaring it “disturbing,” but something that he would “not forget… ever.” Johnson’s audition video is also below, should anyone doubt the pre-teen’s commitment to all things Pulp.


The contest was held in correlation with Floris Habicht’s new Pulp documentary, Pulp: A Film About Life, Death, & Supermarkets, which is making its way around the country now.

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