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A 7-year-old schooled Carrie Fisher in Star Wars trivia on Kimmel last night

A seven-year-old kid just totally served Princess Leia in Star Wars trivia. The battle, which happened last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s all Star Wars episode, pitted young Arden Hayes against not only Carrie Fisher, but also The Force Awakens stars John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and Adam Driver in a battle for George Lucas-based nerd supremacy. and—in a movie that should surprise no one—the kid absolutely walked away with the thing. Though some of the questions quizmaster J.J. Abrams posed directly pertained to Princess Leia’s arc in the initial three Star Wars movies, Fisher came up blank, while Hayes had (almost) all the right answers right on the tip of his tongue. The whole thing’s below, and it’s worth a watch, if only to see how adorably befuddled Hayes gets when he’s joined by surprise teammate R2-D2.

[via Uproxx]


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