With all the tragic time marriages and baby kidnappings and Hitler, does Stephen Moffat’s Doctor Who succeed at both scaring children into hiding behind their couches and sending them out looking for police boxes in vain? Find out from 4-year-oold Lindalee Rose, who is now the show's regular reviewer for Beyond The Marquee. The show has become a little complicated, so take a minute to watch Lindalee explain everything in the clearest, most adorable way possible, complete with a toy sonic screwdriver and props for kid-tastic episodes “A Town Called Mercy” (cowboy hat and “Wanted” poster) and “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship” (dinosaurs on a spaceship). The “asplosions” and timey-wimey twists might make modern Doctor Who a little hard to follow for adults, but it’s hard to complain when the twists are explained and reviewed so well and everything is so goddamn cute. Sorry, Keith Phipps. It might just be time to hang up the fez. [via Thought Catalog]