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Screenshot: YouTube

Here is a video of kittens hopping around, chasing each other through tubes, taking naps, preying on each other, leaping through holes, hiding, eating, taking shits, doing backflips, and having paws. The video never ends. The video plays for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, an unceasing stream of kittens doing stupid kitten shit. Drink deep from the never-ending stream:

This public service, up since April of this year, is operated by Kitten Academy, an organization set up to find homes for rescued cats, and it takes this shit extremely seriously. The website has a Mewspaper, as well as a Rowling-esque list of faculty with names like Groundskeeper Toonki and Headmistress Smokey. There is a detailed class roster featuring pictures and personality details of each kitten, so you can get to know them. You can watch the kittens at night via night vision. You can watch them during the day on your phone. You can watch them forever. You can see the cats sleep. The kittens are running in circles and playing with things that may or may not actually be there. The stream will not end. The kittens are immortal.


Per the stream, new kittens are arriving sometime today. You can support Kitten Academy here.

[via Boing Boing]

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