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(Screenshot: The Last Message)

The cold hard truth is that teens are taking over the world, and nowhere more so than Tumblr, where it turns out many of the most popular blogs are run by people too young to vote. For instance, the heartbreaking site The Last Message—a Tumblr that documents anonymous final exchanges of all kinds—is run by a 16-year-old named Emily Trunko.

The Last Message collects the final words exchanged between two people via text, email, or virtually any kind of social media. While many of the posts deal with breakups, others involve family members falling out or the death of a loved one. The messages range from poignant to cruel and capture everything from the recognizable teen angst of a first breakup to far more adult concerns.


The site is a follow-up to Trunko’s other project, Dear My Blank, which similarly posts anonymous messages, but this time ones the writer doesn’t actually intend to send.


The New York Times chatted with Trunko last year about the sites, which she runs from her small town in Ohio. The profile, along with both Tumblrs, are a reminder of the ever encroaching power of the next generation.

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