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A 15-second promotional clip has roused the Rick And Morty hivemind

Earlier this week, Adult Swim posted a short, promotional piece of animation to the official Rick And Morty Twitter to remind fans that the show still exists and that season four is, presumably, on its way. Naturally, Rick And Morty fans did what they do with every new scrap of content that gets tossed their way and meticulously scrutinized it for details about the upcoming season. What they found was a possible confirmation of a popular fan theory involving the show’s overarching villain, Evil Morty.

As Nerdist notes in their recap of the clip, the promotional animation is mostly centered around various Rick-shaped creatures devouring or ensnaring Morty-shaped creatures. The abuse of Morty at the hands of Rick is a constant theme in the show, so this is nothing new. But in the final moments, Evil Morty appears on screen, obscuring all others with his looming, eyepatch-adorned face. Fans of the show will remember that, in season three, Evil Morty became the newly elected president of the Citadel where all Ricks and Mortys from alternate dimensions reside. His appearance in this promo seems to indicate that President Morty will return as the main antagonist of season four.


Some fans have gone as far as to speculate that Evil Morty’s return will include a confirmation of the theory that he is actually the “original” Morty paired with the Rick that the show has been following up to this point. Showrunners Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have stayed fairly mum about this plot line, but have made it clear in the past that if they become aware of fan theories they probably won’t include them in the show.

Of all the things that could be picked apart in this 15-second clip, Rick And Morty fans seem singularly focused on one, minor detail: The absence of a season four premiere date. But look, it’s definitely going to happen, along with six additional seasons, so just take a deep breath and stop tweeting about it for five damn seconds.

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