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A 12-foot-high statue of Colin Firth as a wet Mr. Darcy is on display in London now

In 1995, Colin Firth became a British sex symbol just by getting wet in a TV adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice. Firth’s soaked strut has been an Internet meme ever since, spawning gifs, LOL-type images, and, now, a majestic 12-foot-high statue in London’s Serpentine Lake. The art—which depicts Firth as Darcy from the waist up and clad in only his sculpturally impressive thin, soaked, white button-down—was placed there to promote Drama, a new British TV network and will move from site to site before being more semi-permanently placed in a lake in Lyme Park, where the scene was first filmed. It will remain there until February, unless some lovestruck Firth fanatic ferries it away it in the middle of the night and makes it the centerpiece of her shrine. Not that anyone would do that, of course.

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