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94-year-old Norman Lear is launching a new podcast

(Photo: Getty Images For Ebertfest, Timothy Hiatt)

Podcasting has always seemed like a young person’s game, either because most of the hosts are ageless “twentysomethings” or because the simple act of downloading a podcast requires an intimate knowledge of how to use a smartphone. But it turns out that people of any age can join the podcasting party. Over the weekend, we reported that disgraced newsman and killer of historical figures Bill O’Reilly was returning to his old podcast No Spin News after being fired from Fox News, and now Deadline is reporting that iconic TV man Norman Lear (creator of Good Times, All In The Family, The Jeffersons, and many more) is also starting a podcast of his own. Unlike O’Reilly’s, Lear’s podcast probably won’t feature the host condescendingly explaining how everyone other than him is wrong about everything, but it will feature Lear talking about everything from “comedy to family, current events, music, politics and social issues.”

Lear’s show is called All Of The Above With Norman Lear, and each episode will feature him interviewing a celebrity guest along with “friend and sidekick” Paul Hipp. The podcast hasn’t debuted yet, but early guests will include Amy Poehler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerrod Carmichael, and America Ferrera. All Of The Above will be a weekly podcast on the PodcastOne network, and the premiere episode will be available on the PodcastOne app and iTunes on May 1.


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