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90 people hospitalized at Chance The Rapper concert in Connecticut

(Photo: Getty Images For 2017 Essence Festival, Bennett Raglin)

According to The Hartford Courant (via CNN), 90 people were sent to a hospital during a Chance The Rapper show in Connecticut on Friday night, and it sounds like the biggest problem was underage kids suffering from “severe alcohol intoxication.” Local police confirmed that they made 50 underage drinking “referrals” and claimed it was a busier night than normal, but it’s unclear why such a large number of young people decided it would be a good idea to get so wasted on that particular night—especially since Chance isn’t exactly one of those “fuck everything, it’s time to party” artists.

The story goes on to ay that a typical concert would involve “20-30 transports,” but so many young people were taken to the hospital from this show that the ambulance provider had to get help from other nearby hospitals.


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