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89-year-old man makes his stand-up debut, works surprisingly blue

It’s hard not to write a clickbait headline for this video of an 89-year-old man performing stand-up for the first time that was brought to our attention by Vulture. It’s not only a feel-good story about achieving your dreams regardless of your age, it’s also honestly a good stand-up set, especially for a beginner. Here’s the back story: 89-year-old Chuck Esterly was introduced to comedy when he took a Stand-Up 101 class at the Sycamore Senior Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Turns out he was good at it, and after developing a tight seven-ish he made his debut at the Go Bananas Comedy Club last month. And with the attention he’s been getting for the performance, we wouldn‘t be shocked to see him on Ellen in the near future…if he can clean up his act enough for daytime TV. That’s right, Chuck works blue.

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