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’80s sticker queen Lisa Frank announces new bedding

Children of the ’80s and ’90s, rejoice, for Lisa Frank has turned her rainbow kitten smile upon us: Jezebel reports that the queen of Trapper Keepers will begin making bedding.

Anybody of a certain age—okay, let’s be real, probably just women, since this was before anybody was taking a stance against gendered toys, and Lisa Frank’s website still uses the tagline “the site GIRLS love”—will remember the joys of back-to-school shopping. Obviously a new Trapper Keeper was a must, since the previous year’s was covered in stickers and doodles. What would make a bigger statement with your fourth-grade clique: a kitten-photo Trapper Keeper or a neon rainbow unicorn one, smattered with hearts and stars? Would you have enough Lisa Frank stickers to trade? These were important questions in 1985.


Someday soon, you can make your 10-year-old self explode in a fit of rainbow glitter by purchasing the new Lisa Frank bedding. When you can purchase it and how much it will cost is unclear—Lisa Frank’s website has a “please check back soon” message, and the company’s Facebook page has only slightly more information. Lisa Frank, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, in a building covered in rainbow hearts (really), has earned a poor reputation for its labor practices, and has stopped making many of the garish products that made it famous in the 1980s. Still, though: Lisa Frank bedding. We’re voting for the unicorn.

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