If you remember UB40 at all, it's for rasta-ified covers of '60s favorites like Neil Diamond's "Red Red Wine" and Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love." Those immune to UB40's lightly funky waiting-room music might accuse the group of settling into an artistically bankrupt rut, but there appears to be no disagreement that UB40 is now actually bankrupt, financially speaking. A British judge declared as much after the group's record company and management firm went bust, reports NME; the courts can now seize the band's property to cover its debts for up to a year. Not all of the members of UB40 are affected by the ruling—singer Ali Campbell quit the band in 2008 over money-related disagreements, and said in a statement: "This is the very reason why I left the band. This was my biggest fear when I was with them, that bankruptcy was going to happen and no one can say I didn't warn them." [via Prefix]