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8-year-old Florida Project star Brooklynn Prince is directing her own movie now, so how's your career going?

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

The Florida Project was one of our favorite movies of 2017, a thoroughly warm portrait of life on the poorest edges of society, imbued with especial honesty by a whole host of genuine performances, from Willem Dafoe—playing one of his finest parts in recent memory—all the way down to the child actors whose actions make up so much of the film’s running time. Now, said child starBrooklynn Prince (who’s earned more awards at the age of 8 than most of us will by the time the shallow dirt of the grave ruefully devours our decrepit bones) has revealed that she’s caught the movie-making bug, too, announcing on Instagram that she’s directing her first film, Colours.


Prince credits Florida Project director Sean Baker for serving as the mentor to her film-making dreams, noting in the text of her social media post that she “was inspired by his patience, vision, and creativity” on the film. (And look, we know some of the specific text here was probably “assisted” by some adult or another in her life, but Prince’s enthusiasm for movie-making seems perfectly genuine.) It’s not clear what Colours is about yet, or when it’ll be available for the public to see. Meanwhile, Prince is currently set to star in Apple’s new TV project, Magic Hour, and is presumably on track to be the planet’s first truly adorable Supreme Dictator For Life, probably by the time she hits middle school.

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