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72 new emoji are coming to broaden your sexting options

Soon there will be whole new ways for you to text about someone’s genitalia without actually using any vaguely naughty words. 72 new emoji are set to launch later this month, including pictures of all sorts of phallic foods, like pickles, carrots, hot dogs, baguettes, burritos, and peanuts. (There’s also a tiny taco, if you’re into that sort of thing.) The new slate also includes a tiny man in full Saturday Night Fever regalia, a pregnant woman, two fists for digital bumping, both a black heart and a dead flower, what looks to be whiskey in a glass, and a curling stone, just in case you’re Canadian. There’s also a silverback gorilla, in case you and some friends just really want to text about that whole Harambe thing.


As Unicode notes, the designs pictured above are just samples, and the final images could vary slightly on whatever phone you have when they’re released later this month. There’s no hard date for that yet, though, so until then, that eggplant emoji will just have to do.

Update: We misrepresented how emoji works in our original final paragraph. Here’s a clarification from commenter Decals42:

“As a standards body, Unicode is not responsible for releasing “the final images,” and in fact, there’s no one set of images that officially represent the emoji. Every smartphone and platform has its own font that renders the emoji differently—so for example, iPhones, Android Phones, Windows, and Facebook all have their own emojis that will use these reference images as a basis.”


[via SFist]

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