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58th Annual Grammys telecast gave more awards to Kendrick Lamar and Alabama Shakes

58th Annual Grammy Awards
58th Annual Grammy Awards

Most of the boring Grammys—which includes “Best Rock Album” and “Best Pop Vocal Album,” apparently—were already given out earlier today, but the National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences had to save some stuff for the actual telecast tonight. Appropriately enough for a show about music, though, most of the things they saved were performances of music. There was Kendrick Lamar’s epic showcase, the Hamilton presentation, Gwen Stefani’s absurdly long Target ad, the TV debut of Johnny Depp and the other Hollywood Vampires, and, of course, Lady Gaga’s David Bowie tribute, which was certainly something that everybody probably had strong opinions about. However you felt about any of that, it’s hard to deny that they were all classic Grammy Moments—which is a thing that host LL Cool J mentioned about 800 times during the show.


Anyway, as we said, most of the awards were handed out earlier today, but the Grammys still found time to give out trophies. The very small list of tonight’s winners is below, and you can see the other winners at this link.

Best Rap Album: Kendrick Lamar—To Pimp A Butterfly

Best Country Album: Chris Stapleton—The Traveler

Song Of The Year: Ed Sheeran—“Thinking Out Loud”

Best Musical Theater Album: Hamilton

Best Rock Performance: Alabama Shakes—“Don’t Wanna Fight”

Best New Artist: Meghan Trainor

Album Of The Year: Taylor Swift—1989

Record Of The Year: Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson—”Uptown Funk”

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