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50 Shades director takes on sexy thriller for Netflix, naturally

50 Shades Of Grey

As we reported earlier this year, Netflix is making a sexy psychological thriller called Gypsy, and who better to helm a project that promises mind games and sex than the director of 50 Shades Of Grey? Deadline reports that 50 Shades director Sam Taylor-Johnson has been tapped to helm part of the new Netflix series, which already has a 10-episode first season lined up at the streaming service. Taylor-Johnson departed the indie feature Chappaquiddick in order to take on the project, so that “Ted Kennedy thriller” will be hiring a new director.

Taylor-Johnson will direct and executive produce the first two episodes of Gypsy, created by writer Lisa Rubin, which follows Jean Holloway (who is not, unfortunately, Joan Holloway under a pseudonym), a therapist who starts having dangerous and intimate relationships with people from her patients’ lives. Sounds very unprofessional and sexy—kind of like introducing the girl who is interviewing you for a story in a college paper to the world of BDSM. The series has not been cast yet, so it’s not too late to just snag Christina Hendricks to play another dangerous and captivating Holloway woman. Rubin—who is also currently adapting the novels I Was Here for New Line and Food Whore for Dreamworks—will serve as showrunner alongside Satisfaction creator and Suits executive producer Sean Jablonski. Gypsy will debut in 2017.


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