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50 Cent wrote a superhero drama for Starz

(Photo: Getty Images, Frederick M. Brown)

Thanks to his work on the drama Power, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is sort of being set up as a hit-maker at Starz, and now, according to Deadline, the premium cable network is developing a new TV project based on a “superhero-themed” screenplay that Jackson wrote. Titled Tomorrow, Today, the drama series is about a veteran living in Chicago who gets experimented on by a mad scientist after he’s falsely imprisoned. Naturally, he gets superpowers from these experiments, but instead of following the scientist’s orders by becoming “an unstoppable killing machine,” he decides to break free and use his powers for good.

Jackson says the project is “very personal” to him, and he’ll “continue to be involved every step of the way.” We’re not sure if that means 50 Cent wants to be cast as the superhero or his young ward or whatever, but since he wrote the thing, he can probably make sure there’s a good role in there for a guy who got shot nine times and lived to appear in Vitamin Water commercials.


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