In one of those rare, perfect symbioses of actor and character, 50 Cent has joined the cast of the Dean Koontz adaptation Odd Thomas as the blind DJ Shamus Cocobolo, who helps Anton Yelchin’s “clairvoyant short-order cook” uncover a Satanic plot. Because frankly, the roster of performers who will eagerly accept the role of a blind, devil-fighting DJ named Shamus Cocobolo is somewhat limited, and 50 Cent has time and again proven that he will throw himself into anything that keeps him from having to make another halfhearted rap album, whether it’s “changing the world of comedy,” cranking out cop thriller after cop thriller alongside Val Kilmer, Robert De Niro, and Bruce Willis (or whoever wants to show up that day), or turning a cancer-frown upside-down. Playing blind, devil-fighting DJ Shamus Cocobolo? That's just a Tuesday.