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50 Cent to produce boxing documentary or die tryin'

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is adding a new hyphen to his career as rapper/actor/entrepreneur/gunshot wound enthusiast, that of documentary producer. The sometimes-boxing-promoter has acquired the rights to Tapia, first-time director Eddie Alcazar's documentary about boxer Johnny Tapia, who won five boxing titles across three weight classes while dealing with a harrowing personal life. The boxer's father was murdered while his mother was pregnant; she was kidnapped and murdered when Tapia was 8. As an adult, he had ongoing troubles with cocaine use, but even though his drug problems pushed him out of boxing for three years, he returned to win titles as a flyweight, bantamweight and featherweight.

It's possible Fifty sees Tapia's story as a real-life analogue to All Things Fall Apart, in which the rapper played a football player whose career was sidelined by cancer (and a debilitating case of bad acting). But anyone wary of Jackson's success rate with film so far should note that this movie was already completed before his involvement, and he’ll simply be shepherding the film through the distribution process—acting as the documentary's motherfucking P.I.M.P., if you will.


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