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50 Cent to join Fall Out Boy on tour. World rejoices

In a historic pairing of pop superstars who inspire the sort of hatred in A.V Club commenters most folks reserve for pedophiles, Nazis and Hilton sisters, 50 Cent of Vitamin Water and video game fame will be joining pop-punk punching bags Fall Out Boy for five magical dates on their current U.S Tour.

In a press release heralding this once-in-a-lifetime teaming of hip hop douchebag and rock douchetards 50 Cent is hilariously/erroneously described as “acclaimed”. Apparently it was written sometime in 2003. Incidentally, I don’t actually think of 50 Cent or the Boy as douchebags or douchetards but the Internet D-Bag Act of 2008 legally mandates that they be deemed as such in all online postings.

In fact I think Fall Out Boy has some pretty catchy songs though their last album, Folie a Deux was shamefully under-produced. There were times when the vocals actually seemed to be coming out of a human being instead of an overly processed robot. Even T-Pain thinks you guys need to lay off the vocal effects. Those knobs and effects in the studio exist for a reason guys: it doesn’t just have to be about strumming acoustic guitars in front of a four-track. And would it kill you to think up some “clever” names for your songs/albums?

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that these shared tour stops will lead to an album-length collaboration.

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