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According to Entertainment Weekly, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has signed on to host and produce a new variety show for A&E. Tentatively titled 50 Cent Needs To Pay Off His Creditors, the show will feature him “curating a roster of comedians, musicians, and artists for sketch comedy acts, performances, reality experiments, dance numbers, and more.” In other words, it sounds like a classic ’70s-style variety show that just happens to be hosted by 50 Cent, so this could end up being delightfully bananas.

In a statement released by 50 Cent, he says that he “grew up watching variety shows,” so he’s excited to “put [his] own spin on the format.” He doesn’t expand on what his own spin will be, but presumably the dance numbers and sketch comedy acts will be less corny and more…gangster rap-y, if that’s possible. Entertainment Weekly says that a premiere date for the show—which is actually tentatively titled 50 Cent Presents, even though the other name is probably just as accurate—has not been announced by the network yet.


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