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50 Cent Sues Ex-Girlfriend for Defamation

In the latest developments of a sad, sordid saga involving 50 Cent, his ex-girlfriend and a bitterly contested mansion that burned to the ground, 50 Cent has filed a defamation lawsuit against Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of his eleven-year-old son Marquise, for telling multiple news outlets that 50 is behind the burning of his multi-million dollar Long Island home.

The two have long been engaged in an ugly war of words. Tompkins claims that 50 promised to buy the house in question for her and their son, then reneged by putting it under his own name. She's also called 50 a bad father for not checking up on his son after the fire and ordering the burning of his own home rather than let them continue to live in it. Earlier this year 50 won his bid to evict Tompkins and Marquise from the hotly disputed mansion and got a judge to significantly reduce his child support payments to Tompkins to a mere 6,700 dollars a month.


50 was filming a movie in Louisiana at the time of the fire (yeah, that's the ticket), which alerts us to the real tragedy of this story. No, not the psychological trauma of an innocent young boy caught in the crossfire of his parents' vicious personal feud. 50's making another movie. No! Didn't Get Rich Or Die Tryin' or Home of the Brave teach him anything? I'm guessing 50 is probably not in the running for ex-boyfriend of the year anymore, Can this story possibly get any uglier?

In wholly unrelated news, Mos Def yesterday bought an adorable kitten, then donated some money to Unicef. O.K, that's probably not true but writing up these sordid rap stories is always a little depressing and I really wanted to end on an up note.

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