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50 Cent says he bought 200 front-row tickets to a Ja Rule concert, just so they'd be empty

Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

Sounds like former Fyre Festival participants aren’t the only people who still have beef with rapper Ja Rule: 50 Cent—a man who divides his time evenly these days between acting in terrible movies, occasionally going bankrupt, and all-purpose trollingis claiming that he recently bought out 200 front-row seats at an upcoming concert from the Venni Vetti Vecci rapper, solely so he could leave them empty.

50 Cent made his claim on Instagram, complete with a Photoshopped artist’s rendering of the event, which, perhaps unintentionally, also presents a compelling image of what a Hollywood premiere for Den Of Thieves 2 is likely to look like:


The feud between 50 and Ja Rule stretches back full-on 20 years—having outlasted multiple presidential administrations, several Supreme Court justices, and the productive period of both men’s musical careers—and has encompassed everything from diss tracks to fist fights and the occasional light stabbing. If this latest claim is true, though, it represents a new psychological height for the beef, as well as for 50 Cent’s ongoing pursuit of spending his money on the pettiest of shit.

[via Complex]

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