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50 Cent pushes album release date back yet again: won't Self Destruct until November

When we last heard from lovable scamp 50 Cent, he was preparing for a September 11th sales battle with Jay-Z. Alas, 50 got cold feet and decided to push his album release back to September 29th in an effort to pump up the buzz for his upcoming release Before I Self Destruct to "deliciously lukewarm" from "non-existent". Now, according to an article on allhiphop.com 50 is pushing his album release date back even further, to sometime in November. According to the day and the source, the album will be packaged with either a companion DVD starring 50, a documentary about Jam Master Jay, Young Buck puffy stickers, pogs of The Game or the tattered remains of 50's dignity and credibility. We are, as always, cautiously optimistic.


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