Where’s 50 Cent? Can anyone find him? Back in November, 50 Cent allegedly appeared in front of a Chicago movie audience at the AMC River East to promote his directorial debut Before I Self Destruct, which he also wrote, starred in, and financed to a direct-to-CD-companion release. Supposedly he even announced himself to the gathered audience when the lights went down. But he didn’t. He was there, and yet he wasn’t there. And today it appears 50 has vanished once more.

MovieLine (via fansite This Is 50) and Us Weekly have published photos of 50 Cent doing his best Christian Bale impression to prove he’s a committed, serious actor. The man born Curtis Jackson has co-written another film called Things Fall Apart, directed by Mario Van Peebles, in which he plays a star college football player who's diagnosed with cancer and threatened with death at a time when all his dreams are ahead of him. Dedicated to realistically portraying the effects of cancer and its subsequent treatment, Jackson dropped 54 pounds of fat and muscle through a liquid diet and nine weeks of walking on a treadmill for three hours a day. The result: The decidedly un-Fiddy-like images of a gaunt man who's unlikely to survive nine gunshot wounds, which has some fans enraged that he would dramatically alter his physique just for Hollywood. In the words of one fan comment posted to the This Is 50 website, “That’s ain’t 50 Cent…that’s 50 PERcent.”