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As there is no limit to the modalities of art one can explore, if you don’t concern yourself with being all that good at them, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has stepped up his bid to be hip-hop’s reigning Krusty The Clown by selling an animated sitcom to Fox, adding it to a sprawling list of projects that includes myriad books, movies, comic books, comedy websites, and other forms of entertainment, means for self-improvement, and assorted merchandise that bear the 50 Cent stamp, affirming that they are a thing 50 Cent has personally put his name on. The series, much like his recent young-adult novel, is loosely based on Jackson’s own childhood, following a “mischievous but well-meaning boy who often tangles with his eccentric family and neighborhood,” possibly by constantly trying to sell them things that feature his face. No doubt 50 Cent got the idea when he guest-starred on The Simpsons, then suggested they could improve the show by making it about him instead. "Just a suggestion," 50 Cent added, while affixing an "Official 50 Cent Suggestion" sticker to each of their foreheads.


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