Having successfully taught the world to laugh at both cancer and the disaster in Japan, it seems obvious that 50 Cent knows how to find the funny in anything. So when Mr. Curtis Jackson promises that “the world of comedy is about to change” with the launch of ThisIs50Comedy.com, clearly you should take his boast as literally as you would any of the claims he makes in his songs. The somewhat-live site doesn’t have much in the way of content right now, but tomorrow will see the proper debut of what seems to be its sole purpose: The This Is 50 Comedy Show, emceed by G-Unit comedian Young Jack Thriller of ThisIs50’s “So Disrespectful” series. Airing on the last Thursday of every month, the show will be taped before a live New York audience and feature “the cutting-edge humor of the nation’s funniest comedians,” because by now you wouldn’t expect anything less than the most envelope-pushing laughs from 50 Cent. One can only hope that 50 Cent's famed "Pimpin' Curly" character will make an appearance. [via PopEater]