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50 Cent experiences the horror of YouTube comment sections

Everyone will tell you to never read the comments (unless you’re on The A.V. Club), but as hellish as typical comment sections can be, YouTube’s comment rolls are deep in the inferno. And rapper 50 Cent, fresh off his declaration of bankruptcy in July and promoting his upcoming album Street King Immortal, experienced the horror firsthand as he read comments from his 2005 hit video “Candy Shop” for Noisey.

The commenters get the best of 50 early, when the rapper responds to criticism over the video’s CGI by showing a surprising lack of understanding as to what CGI is. But 50 climbs back on top of reasonable high ground when responding to a comment about there being “no white people in the video,” to which he notes: “White people are everywhere in the world, and once in a while you can watch a video that doesn’t have any white people in it.”


But it’s a comment complaining about the variety of women featured in the clip that gets 50 to understand the heart of YouTube comment sections. “This shows you that no matter what the fuck you do,” he says, “you’re never going to make everyone happy. There’s always going to be something to be upset about.”

[Via Noisey]

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