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Toys R Us is on its last legs, but that doesn’t mean the iconic toy store isn’t still bringing fun to kids of all ages. According to The New York Post, an abandoned Toys R Us location in London was set to be the location of a “massive rave,” presumably one with a fun theme like “Where a kid can be a kid” or “I don’t wanna grow up,” but it was shut down by the police before anyone could start sprinting down the aisles and grabbing Transformers or tickets for bikes. (Is that what people do at raves, or are we thinking of the Nickelodeon Super Toy Run?)

The Hounslow Police of West London tweeted about the incident, saying that a “sound system” had been seized and that ravers hoping to attend were “being turned away,” and later reports confirmed that five people had been arrested. The police also recognized how fun this whole thing was—except for the people who just wanted to fucking party at a Toys R Us and got arrested for it—so they also tweeted a photo of a Toys R Us sign with “Raves R Us” drawn over it.


Now, we don’t want to tip off the Bobbies, but KB Toys is looking to fill the gap left by Toys R Us, so maybe it could host the next secret toy rave.

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