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40 years of bizarre Star Wars fandom is captured in this great mix

Screengrab: YouTube

Wookiee and human, B’omarr monk and Bantha—all are welcome in the Star Wars universe, and the weirder, the better. And “weird” is often the watchword (in a good way) when it comes to Star Wars fandom, with the devotees of the original series setting the gold standard for devoted fan behavior in pop culture. Since you’re reading this on the internet—a.k.a. the global network for sharing opinions on Star Wars, plus some cat memes—you’re likely familiar with vast swaths of these expressions of kinship. But there’s always more. So, so much more.

The Cinefamily, a Los Angeles arthouse theater, has put together a video mixtape called “Star Wars Nothing But Star Wars,” a lovingly assembled collection of curios pulled from 40 years’ worth of fandom and pop cultural saturation. Last week we posted a trailer for it, but now the full thing is available. As Motherboard (and A.V. Club contributor Sam Fragoso) explains, the mix is focused on “people who’ve spent fractions of their lives watching and thinking about this fictitious universe.” Sure, there are interviews with Lucas, Hamill, Ford, and others involved in the films, but the appeal here is all the strange detritus from decades of fandom. Disco music videos, Star Wars on ice, fan films, porn—it’s all collected here for your edification, or more accurately, your presumably equally nerdy enjoyment.


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