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30 Rock's Jonathan is finally freed from Whitney and coming home

Among the more regrettable aspects of Whitney, besides everything, was the fact that it frittered away the time of Maulik Pancholy, best known as—and more deserving of being—Alec Baldwin's obsequious, obsessive assistant Jonathan on 30 Rock. But now, thanks to some "creative changes" happening in Whitney's second season (such as trying to be creative), Pancholy is now off that show and moving back where he belongs in time for 30 Rock's season premiere, ending an absence that the series never really bothered explaining and which, quite frankly, it doesn't need to, unless it wants to throw in a quick scene where Jonathan is glimpsed stuffing the corpse of anonymous blond guy into an incinerator. Of course, Jonathan's return will be short-lived, as 30 Rock is only slated to last 13 more episodes. But the odds are pretty good he wouldn't get much more than that over at Whitney either.


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