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30 Rock went out relatively big while Do No Harm tanked it

Illustration for article titled em 30 Rock/em went out relatively big while emDo No Harm /emtanked it

Offering an even more loving farewell to 30 Rock than mushing up some blueberries and lavender, around 4.8 million viewers tuned in for last night’s series finale, the biggest audience that show has seen in two years. It also averaged a 1.9 rating in the adults 18 to 49 demo—strangely, only its second-best performance there after March 2012, when the promise of watching Dennis Duffy get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day apparently proved more attractive than the promise of never watching Dennis Duffy do anything again, ever. Also providing a fitting tribute to 30 Rock, NBC continued tanking it with the premiere of Do No Harm, the Jekyll-and-Hyde drama about a doctor who becomes at least two different kinds of asshole scoring 3.1 million total viewers and an 0.9 rating—the lowest numbers ever for a scripted series premiere on one of the Big Four networks. With that sort of debut, it seems unlikely anyone will get to see whether Dr. Donoharm will ever find a balance between his split personalities. Will he struggle with its costs while occasionally embracing its benefit, eventually learning to coexist with the dark side of his nature—much as everyone does in a less literal fashion? Now we may never know.

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