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30 Rock is getting its own Ben & Jerry's ice cream

Illustration for article titled em30 Rock/em is getting its own Ben  Jerrys ice cream

While Alec Baldwin’s Schweddy Balls spent the winter months rolling around stores lonely and cold, a pair without a pair, at last Ben & Jerry’s has belatedly found a partner to prop them up. The ice cream corporation built on good vibes and in-jokes has announced it will mark the end to 30 Rock’s run with a commemorative edition limited batch debuting in February, appearing in the nation's grocery stores and Slanket-swaddled crotches thereafter. The name of the flavor will be announced at a finale viewing party this Thursday, but there are obviously already dozens of suggestions one could make, based on the show’s long history with food and your own awkward puns. Liz Lemon Meringue? Muffin Top? Mind Grape? Night Cheese-cake? Hill People Milk And Cookies? Fun Cookers And Cream? El Sabor De Soledad Y Chocolate? Jackie Jormp-Jomp-Jubilee? Cheesy Blasters? Adulteraisin? Just A Pint Of Frozen Scotch? Let’s do this the rest of the day instead of working.


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