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Charlie Rose’s plans to pitch a talk show where he interviews other alleged serial harassers about how difficult it is to be held accountable for your actions just hit a speed bump, as this morning The Washington Post published the results of an investigation in which an astounding 27 former colleagues of Rose’s at CBS and elsewhere confirm what 11 others had already reported: That Rose habitually sexually harassed them over the course of decades.

The WaPo report isn’t just damning for Rose, either: Apparently, concerns about Rose’s behavior were reported to management at CBS as far back as 1986, with the most recent filed in April 2017, seven months before his eventual firing. (CBS human resources says that it “cannot corroborate or confirm many of the situations described.”) That first report occurred a decade after the first reported instance of harassment confirmed by WaPo reporters, in which a former NBC News research assistant says Rose exposed himself to her and groped her in 1976, when they both worked at the network’s Washington news bureau. WaPo’s story has several more examples, and you can read those here.


As for Rose’s proposed TV series, it sounds like that really was just a fantasy: Asked for comment on the rumor that Rose’s proposed circle jerk/interview series was headed for the streaming service, Netflix representatives tell Deadline that “they had not been pitched the show, would not be interested in any such project and, further, that no one on any of their development teams had ever never heard of such a project being developed elsewhere.” Ouch. He’ll soon be busy, anyway, as an attorney representing three of the women in today’s WaPo story says they plan to file a lawsuit against Rose and CBS “in the coming days.”

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