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Last September, Conan O’Brien teased the upcoming 25th anniversary of his various TV gigs by releasing the very first episode of Late Night With Conan O’Brien online. As fun as that was, it was really just a tease for O’Brien’s real scheme: Putting the entirety of his hosting work, from Late Night to The Tonight Show to Conan to the new Conan, all online. That’s supposed to happen at some point this year, but next week we’ll be getting a nice snack to tide us over until the full meal in the form of 350 remote segments from throughout O’Brien’s TV career—including ones hosted by wacky characters like Andy Richter and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog.


The clips will arrive on the Team Coco website on Monday, March 25, at this link, and they’ll also include “many” of the travel segments that O’Brien has filmed over the years, including stuff from his Conan Without Borders episodes and his Late Night trips to Ireland, Finland, and Canada. Plus, O’Brien has even filmed a handy video explaining how he was able to digitize so many old clips, since a lot of his best Late Night stuff even predates DVDs—let alone streaming.

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