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24 producers talking about a 24 movie again

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Like Nina Myers, Sherry Palmer, and Charles Logan, 24 is again bringing back a once-exciting villain, long after they wore out their welcome with audiences. The latest threat from years past to rear its ugly head is the ever-present danger of a feature film adaptation of the series.

After the original series wrapped, there was much talk of a 24 film, which at one point was definitely happening—until it wasn’t. But now, buoyed by the success of limited series 24: Live Another Day, both producer Brian Grazer and Fox Networks Group CEO Peter Rice are excited about the possibility of bringing Jack Bauer to the big screen, as audiences are sure to want their beloved real-time action serial without the serialization, real-time, or any of the other things that make 24 recognizably 24, apart from the yelling.

Like a trustworthy CTU agent who can competently set up a perimeter, a 24 movie doesn’t remotely exist at the moment, as it has no script, supporting cast, or shooting schedule. So this latest rumor could amount to yet more wheel-spinning, until the consolation prize of 24: Live Yet Another Day, A Little While After That First Day We Lived.

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