Megan Mullally wasn’t the only actor to use their TCA appearance to discuss a proposed, yeah right movie revival of a canceled TV show instead of the actual, far less interesting show they were there to promote. While fractionally unclenching his jaw and suppressing his animal rage to field questions about how his anguished, world-saving father character on the upcoming Touch differs from his anguished, world-saving father character on 24 (He gets to sit down more!), Kiefer Sutherland continued to grab destiny by the throat and bark into its face by declaring that the 24 movie is expected to begin filming as early as this April.

Of course, he’s been pushing that 2012 start date for a while now, even amid reports that Fox had rejected the initial script, and regardless of the fact that there still isn’t a director attached. Nevertheless, Sutherland remains confident that it will all come together by the spring, and that despite the intervening years, the film would be “relatively a direct continuation. We’re talking maybe six months from the end of [the series finale].” He also said that the movie would, like the show, cover a 24-hour period that would be condensed here into a feature-length running time, which means there will only be time for maybe one reveal of a double-agent who once again slipped into the CTU, unless they maybe put all of them together in a wacky montage.