Transformers: The Movie

Last week, serious film fans all over the world were delighted to hear that Paramount has officially announced a timetable for the future of the Transformers series, with Transformers 5 (directed by Michael Bay) coming on June 23, 2017, another Transformers movie coming the June after that, and then yet another Transformers movie coming the June after that, giving us enough robots in disguise to last us all the way through 2019. Initially, all of these movies were expected to be proper, numbered entries in the series, but now Coming Soon is reporting that the middle one—the 2018 Transformers movie—will actually be a spinoff focusing on Bumblebee, the lovable yellow guy who talks with a radio (even though his voice thing got fixed in the end of the first movie).

A rumor came out early last year that one of the many Transformers moves in development was going to be a Bumblebee spinoff, but now that the news is official, we can start looking forward to whatever thrilling adventure will require the talents of Bumblebee and not, say, one of the cool Autobots like Optimus Prime. As of right now, there’s no word on who will write or direct the movie, but details like that aren’t all that important for a Transformers movie anyway. As long as stuff blows up good, the people will be happy.