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Confirming what anyone who saw the recent end-of-year figures for the music industry or heard Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” could have already surmised, the BBC reports that 2010 was the worst year for rock ’n’ roll since 1960—particularly in the UK, where only three songs classified as “rock” appeared in the Top 100 singles. Of those three singles, the highest-ranked was the Glee cast’s decidedly un-rocking version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” at No. 25, followed by the aforementioned ukulele-assisted ode to Pat Monahan’s backstage blowjob fantasies at No. 84, and Florence And The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” at No. 93. The trend echoed the U.S. charts, where “Hey Soul Sister” was the only “rock” song to appear in the Top 10, and the Billboard Hot 100 as a whole was dominated by “synth-driven, Auto-Tuned, four-on-the floor-influenced pop.”

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