Where other news networks fear to tread, ABC is there to pose tough questions to some of America's favorite musicians, like Kanye West and…Billy Ray Cyrus? Tonight at 9 p.m. Cyrus will sit down with 20/20's Deborah Roberts for a hard-hitting interview about the pressures of stardom on Cyrus' daughter Miley, better known to your little sister as the star of Hannah Montana. The piece, called "Hannah Montana, Hollywood Bad Girls, And More," will presumedly cover Billy Ray's attempts to keep his 14-year-old-and-still-squeaky-clean (as of press time) daughter from turning into yet another Lohan. Of course, if 20/20 really had any balls, it might ask Miley what it's like to have your washout father riding your tiny little coattails, but we can understand how that might get uncomfortable…Speaking of uncomfortable, here's hoping that Nightline has the guts to ask Kanye West about the video of his little bitchfest at the MTV VMAs when they interview him this Monday. Of course if you'd like to hedge your bets, Kanye is also accepting viewer questions.