Though asked for his opinion by no one, all-around great American and free-speech champion Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell—late of the censorship-game pioneers 2 Live Crew, pictured third from the left, bottom row—has written a piece for the Miami New Times lauding Quentin Tarantino's slavery epic Django Unchained and lambasting director Spike Lee for talking shit about Tarantino. The piece eloquently begins, "Screw Spike Lee," and goes on to accuse Lee of being both "bougie" and "a conniving and scheming Uncle Tom." (Bit of an overreaction, that last one, eh?) Campbell also goes on to find meanings in Django that are perhaps even more than Tarantino intended, likening Jamie Foxx's character riding a horse to a rich black man driving a Bentley. (Tarantino, somewhere, sighs happily: "Finally. Somebody gets me.") Anyway, it's a hilarious read in its way, and will be even funnier when Tarantino casts Campbell opposite Samuel L. Jackson in 2019's Pulpier Fiction: The Return Of Jules.