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Proving the old saying that a rising tide lifts all boats, The Wrap reports that CBS, fresh off of its renewals of plucky underdog Chuck Lorre’s sitcoms Mom and Mike & Molly, is still feeling generous. The network has decided to give 2 Broke Girls, the sitcom that seems like it should be a Chuck Lorre show but is actually something far more sinister—a Michael Patrick King show—another chance, by which we mean a fifth season.


Not that the future of 2 Broke Girls was ever in question. Over the protests of Australia, average-looking Asians, Lindsay Lohan’s forsaken dignity, people offended by the word “vagina,” and the anti-pun lobby, the show draws a reported 9.58 million viewers every Monday at 8 p.m./ 7 p.m. CT, a number that is actually up slightly from when How I Met Your Mother occupied that same time slot last year. What percentage of that audience comes from nursing homes that just leave CBS on all day is unknown.

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