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2 Broke Girls is trading places with Angel From Hell

(Photos: CBS)

After remembering that any press is good press—but especially when it comes from an entire continent—CBS has decided to welcome 2 Broke Girls back into the fall TV fold. Deadline reports that although the sitcom’s premiere had been scheduled for midseason, the air date has just been moved up to November 12. So 2 Broke Girls will now air Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET, right after Mom.

But while this is great news for fans of Whitney Cummings’ comedy, it means that anyone who was looking forward to seeing Jane Lynch play guardian angel will have to wait a little while longer. CBS has benched Angel From Hell, which stars Lynch as the divine-intervening hand in Maggie Lawson’s (Psych) otherwise perfectly-arranged life. Deadline posits that the shows’ premiere dates were swapped because CBS didn’t want to have two freshman comedies in its Thursday night lineup. So now Angel From Hell will await Judgment Day, a.k.a. whenever midseason is, but at least it will be able to pass the time with similarly-hedged bets Mike & Molly and The Odd Couple.


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